Case study: Monitise Content

“Hiring apprentices helped us to source diverse, young talent”

Monetise Content is a leading Digital and Mobile Marketing network, with over 50 employees in central London. In 2016 it appointed Step forward to hire two apprentices to support its crucial digital marketing function. They were so impressed with the quality that they hired four who are now working in the Marketing team, whilst completing Advanced Apprenticeships in Business Administration, and Digital Marketing.

Monitise Content connects thousands of money-saving offers from the world’s leading brands to millions of consumers, through a variety of digital platforms. It is part of the Monitise Group, listed on the London Stock Exchange.

A major part of its business is, a leading voucher and money saving website site, which attracts over 6 million visitors a month. Its portfolio also includes several similar sites for other countries and utilizing its proprietary technology.

Monitise Content’s success depends on its world-leading expertise in digital marketing (including social media, search engine optimisation (SEO) and email marketing) without which it would lose customers to the competition.

A source of fresh young talent
In September 2016 Monetise appointed four Step Forward apprentices to support this crucial function. All four apprentices work in the marketing team, with two specialising in digital marketing and two taking on a more traditional marketing role.

Initially, it had intended to recruit two apprentices, but was so impressed with the quality of candidates that it recruited four. Matt Jones, SEO Manager of Monitise Content said, “It was our first time hiring apprentices and I would definitely strongly recommend it as a source of fresh young talent. All are incredibly smart, they got trained up quickly and have brought valuable new ideas that we hadn’t thought of.”

All of the apprentices are in very hands on roles, taking part in activities that will drive web traffic to their portfolio of sites. This includes SEO, content creation, social media activity and research.

All four apprentices came straight out of college having successfully completed four A-Levels. Despite starting their roles at just 18 years old the apprentices are given real responsibility and the chance to contribute to the team.

An enthusiastic & diverse team
Jennifer Prangle, HR Manager at Monitise Content said: “Having apprentices for the first time has been a hugely valuable experience. We’re keen to do it again and would strongly recommend it.


“It is very useful that part of Step Forward’s programme includes training on working in a business environment, which ensures a successful transition into the workplace. The apprenticeship approach of combining training and practical workplace experience worked really well in developing their skills quickly.

“I think it’s great that young people now have more options for studying and training. University is becoming an increasingly expensive option and often people make decisions on what three or four-year course without having any direct exposure to that industry and what roles exist.”

“Apprentices get the flexibility to explore their chosen field in a real-life work setting and learn from people that have worked in that industry, which is priceless. Plus, they get paid to do it!

“As an employer, we benefit from having enthusiastic apprentices that are keen to learn and can pass on new things that they are learning from their training to ensure that we are kept up to date with the latest trends. Businesses benefit from the innovation and new ideas that a diverse team bring and we love hearing the perspectives of the apprentices.”

An invaluable opportunity

Victoria de Souza, Digital Marketeer apprentice, has enjoyed being part of an ‘incredible team’.

“I have learnt many new things from SEO and content copywriting to the workings and managing of social media channels. It has been an amazing experience to be part of a team who really appreciate my work, listen to my input and pushes me to higher knowledge and experiences.”

Thomas Meszaros, Digital Marketeer apprentice, is relishing the challenge. “Being an apprentice won’t be smooth sailing, you’ll be expected to perform just as well as the other employees after you’ve gone through your orientation. But if you put the effort in I assure you that it’ll impress your manager. You could even land yourself a full-time job if you do well enough!”

Jack Theophanus, Business Administration apprentice, “Working in digital marketing this year is giving such a solid platform before I read Marketing at university. Having an opportunity like this so early on in my professional life is truly invaluable. It puts you way ahead of the curve.

“While cliché, you really do mature doing a programme like this before university; you don’t need to travel to far flung parts of the world to learn about yourself.”

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