Apprenticeship Reforms

What is the apprenticeship levy?

From April 2017 there will be some big changes made to the way that the England operates in regards to apprenticeships. The Government is aiming to create 3 million apprenticeships by 2020.

In a bid to standardise the growing sector key reforms are being introduced which come into effect this year. The government has consulted businesses to create nationwide reforms. The purpose is to simplify the process, put businesses in control and ensure consistency in quality of training.

The main change that will affect your business is the way apprenticeships are funded and paid for using the Digital Account System (DAS), using the apprenticeship levy.

step forward infographic employers levy

The apprenticeship levy is one part of the changes. Download the Step Forward Guide to the apprenticeship levy.

Paying your Apprenticeship Provider using the DAS

If you are an apprenticeship levy payer please set up your Digital Account System (DAS) to pay for apprenticeship training. Sign in or register here to access the money you’ve paid under the apprenticeship levy and pay for apprenticeship training.

After you are logged in you will need the following information:

  • The Challenge’s UK Provider Reference Number: 10041031.
  • Registered provider name: The Challenge Network
  • Apprentice’s name(s)

After you have selected The Challenge Network please choose the option ‘I would like my provider to add apprentices’. From here we will input all the details of your apprentice’s name(s), personal information, course start date, payment amount and schedule. This will then be made available for you to approve before any payments occur.

There is a more detailed step by step video available here. As we will be inputting the information for you the first 5 minutes are most helpful for you and the final 4 minutes if you would like a snapshot of what it will look like when your apprentice(s) are in place.

After we have added the information you will receive notification to approve this. After this is approved your apprentice is set up!