Why I applied to Step Forward, by Roisin

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Why I applied to Step Forward, by Roisin

Hello all, Roisin here! I am an apprentice on the Early Years Education pathway, and I’m loving every minute of it! For my first post, I thought I would talk about how I came to apply to Step Forward, because there may be someone reading this who might find it helpful. So here goes…

Sometime last year Step Forward gave an assembly at my school and spoke about the programme and the opportunities that could come with it. I was interested but had no real desire to apply because I already had next year sorted – I had confirmed an offer from Southampton University to study History. Despite this, I filled in a card expressing my interest (mostly because my friend did, and apparently I am easily influenced…) but after receiving more information about the programme I decided to apply.

So I went through the various assessments, information evenings and interviews not really expecting to get far. I somehow managed to get to the interview stage where I was asked a question that caught me by surprise: “What can we do to make you choose Step Forward over university?” I eloquently responded with a series of ‘um…’ ‘well…’ ‘you see…’ until I eventually admitted that I had no idea. Following that interview I began to really look at my options and forced myself to make a decision about whether to go straight to university or to take a gap year and become a Step Forward Associate.

After perhaps the 20th pros and cons list, I decided that Step Forward would be the best option for me as I didn’t feel quite ready to go to university and anyway, it couldn’t hurt to earn some extra qualifications (and cash!). I threw myself into the rest of the process, and was extremely lucky to find myself accepted onto the programme as an Early Years Education Associate.

Three months into the programme and I know I made the right decision. I have noticed myself become more confident and aware of my abilities, and I have made some really great friends as well! As for the pathway, I find the course really interesting and I love my job – even though I still want to explore other careers after university. Step Forward is a brilliant option for all types of people, especially for those who have no real idea about what to do after school. Bring on the rest of the year!

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