Stepping Forward, by Shannon Crilly

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Stepping Forward, by Shannon Crilly

Now, after six months of getting to know the world of work, I’m surrounded by decision making. Yes, it’s that time again to think about where I will be going next.

While being on Step Forward I have unearthed the realities of what being an employee means. This is a really important thing to understand. You have to constantly think in the back (and front actually) of your mind that someone is paying you to do a job. This means you have to do that job. You have to not be late. You have to be organised. You have to be professional. You have to stick at it when times get tough, and most importantly you have to focus on stepping forward. Now, yeah, we all know that the perfect life for everyone would be to win the lottery or to be a superstar in Hollywood, but you have to be realistic. And you may be yet to realise that sometimes working hard is a lot more rewarding than getting wealth and happiness handed to you on a plate.

Now, after six months at Drew London, I’m beginning to think about what I want to do next and whether the creative industry is really for me. I think unless you have experience in industry processes, then you won’t ever know the answer to that kind of question. But for me, I feel as though this is something I would really enjoy doing as a career and the only reason I have realised this is because I have been shown a virtual reality to the job that I would potentially get as a graduate.

I have decided that I really want to stay on for another year at Drew London to gain a deeper insight to a more creative job role. Next year I’m planning to intern as a junior trainee designer to experience a role where live projects are being processed and where I can make a bigger impact on them.

Stephen and Elle (the big bosses) have been really supportive in helping me decide what the next step for me is and, after a one to one with my manager Stephen, I have decided to do a part time course in graphic design while working at Drew London next year which will hopefully enhance my skills and give me the appropriate knowledge needed to become better at the design aspect of my job role. It has been such an exciting journey and I feel extremely lucky to have the support I have had.

We all know that ‘knowing where you will be in five years’ time’ is the typical kind of interview question. And I think that while on Step Forward I have come to the realisation that the answer I would give if I was asked that now is ‘Who knows, the world is my oyster’ and as cheesy as that sounds, it’s true! I have no idea what I will be doing in five years time, because at the moment I’m taking opportunities rather that trying to plan every inch of my future. Now you have to realise that stepping forward isn’t always about having certainty, in fact sometime taking the next step is more about uncertainty and not knowing, which can actually lead to somewhere you never thought you would be but somewhere you end up loving.

Now sorry about all the cheesy words in but I hope you will realise that Step Forward is a really great stepping stone to gaining experience and realisation. Even if the realisation is that you know you want to try something different. The capital itself is full of opportunities and even if you don’t stay on with the placement on Step Forward, at least you have gained experience and have tried different things within the working world.