Business Administration

Find a Business Administration Apprentice in London

The most versatile of our courses, Business Administration apprentices can fill a variety of roles in your organisation. From HR to marketing, a Business administration apprentice could support a wide range of functions, whilst studying for a nationally recognised apprenticeship in Business.

It is likely that they will have one day of training per week where they develop the knowledge needed to excel in their role.

Typical roles

  • Administrator
  • Office Assistant
  • Events Administrator
  • Customer Service Assistant

Where could this lead?

  • Level 4 apprenticeships
  • Senior Administration
  • Office Manager
  • Specialised roles

Key skills gained

With key modules in Communication in a Business Environment, Principles of Administration in a Business Environment and Principles of Leadership and Management, your apprentice will have the hands on skills needed to excel in a broad range of job functions in a variety of business sectors and departments.


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Our IT apprentice integrated seamlessly into the team and so far has exceeded all expectations. It’s rewarding to know we are contributing to his professional development but this is far from a one way relationship and we regularly benefit from his new ideas and skills. Having an apprentice has not only been an eye opener but also a great success and one I would strongly recommend to anyone.

Ross McMurray

Axis Communications