Could you help us get a young person a great job in London?

We are looking for organisations across London to participate in our apprenticeship scheme.  Know anyone that works in London?  Simply copy and paste this email and send to your contacts and you could help a young person secure a great job!

Hi [Name]

This summer I’m working for NCS: a programme for young people across the UK.  Its sister programme, an apprenticeship scheme called Step Forward, is looking for organisations in London to take part in its scheme to give local young people a step up onto the career ladder.  They have some places available from September/October this year and I thought you might be interested?

It is a non-profit programme that supports young people in London to find job opportunities and have had over 2,500 applications! The scheme offers organisations in London the chance to employ a 17-20 year old apprentice for 12 months in their offices. Employers will get cost-effective and diverse support staff while also helping talented young people in their local area.

Step Forward provides a cost-effective, easy solution from recruitment to training, with comprehensive support for apprentice and employer along the way and are particularly looking for organisations that can provide entry-level roles in the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Digital marketing
  • IT/software development

In order to provide as many opportunities as possible for future apprentices they are trying to approach as wide a variety of organisations as possible; large to small, across all sectors.

Please take a look at their website or drop Rachel Taylor a line on 0203 793 7333 /  If this in’t suitable for you, please feel free to pass this email on.

Thanks for your time.

Best wishes



Not only does Step Forward develop your skills and confidence, it allows you to expand your horizons and believe in yourself. On this course, I achieved things I didn’t think I was capable of and a lot of that is due to the amazing support I received along the way.

Jordanna Knight

Step Forward 2016 Graduate