6 great reasons Salesforce apprentices will benefit your organisation

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6 great reasons Salesforce apprentices will benefit your organisation

Whilst many industries are suffering due to automation and new technology development the opposite is true of the tech industry. CRM software giant, Salesforce, is expanding at such a rate that there are more job opportunities than there is talent.

The key to Salesforce user success is creating an agile environment that is tailored to each individual client’s need. Corporate partners, such as Secret Escapes, Barnardo’s and Audio Network, have become empowered by building Salesforce software solutions that allow them to uniquely connect with their customer base.

But to do that you need developers. Salesforce’s projections indicate that they need about five times the amount of software developers to help them reach their goals.

“There are 20 million software developers in the world today — probably we need 100 million developers to meet the market demand. There’s this huge demand gap.”
Dylan Steele, senior manager of Salesforce App Cloud

It might seem like the obvious way to build a great Salesforce strategy is to recruit experienced developers but in reality is it that easy? Here are some reasons you might want to think longterm and consider Salesforce apprentices.

Benefit from fresh ideas they learn in training
Apprentices are required to spend at least 20% of their time training. So once a week they will return to the office bursting with new knowledge and skills to put into practice. Good quality schemes will also educate them in soft skills so that they become well-rounded professionals that can bring unlimited value to your organisation.

Train them up to suit your needs
As a solutions focused company Salesforce is the number one advocate of training up from within. With an ever-growing library of certifications and badges the resource is there for budding, young developers to create a bank of knowledge that interests them and suits your company’s needs.

Build a future pipeline to avoid skill shortages
Although it seems like a time intensive activity, hiring young apprentices then nurturing and upskilling for the future means that, in an aging workforce, your organisation will never be caught short in this key team. Experienced Salesforce developers are like gold dust, so adding to your team from the bottom means that you are building a sustainable workforce and prepared for the unexpected.

Save money by hiring at an entry level
If you can see a skills gap approaching in your team it’s tempting to panic and try and fill it quickly by headhunting developers with specific skills, often paying through the nose to win them from a competitor. Add to this the risks of it being harder to retain them and the possibility that they are less of a cultural fit. Instead, look at your organisational goals over the next five years and train up a pool of entry level staff to have those skills.

Mould young talent to suit your organisation
Apprentices that are fresh into the workplace aren’t just learning new skills and knowledge. They become sponges, soaking up the culture, knowledge and expertise in their environment. If you find young talent that fits, carve out a path for them, educate them in your values and watch them flourish.

Diversify your workforce
It’s no secret that tech suffers from a diversity problem. It’s not just women that are in demand but those from different economic and educational backgrounds. Recruiting from school level allows young people to get into a great career regardless of their background and it’s been proven time and again that heterogeneous workplaces are more innovative, productive and have a better reputation. Win, win!

If you’d like to find out more about how Salesforce apprentices can help your organisation to grow get in touch today. You can also visit Step Forward at the Salesforce World Tour on 18th May. If you’re registered, book an appointment with us today.

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