5 ways to encourage – and keep – young women in IT

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5 ways to encourage – and keep – young women in IT

Just 25% of IT jobs are filled by women, so how can we change this?

With bad press surrounding the treatment of women in US tech companies it’s no wonder that young women aren’t queuing up to work in the sector.  But with a big skills shortage young women need to start being a focus of recruitment & training in the sector.

1. Start early
Want to change the face of your organisation over the next 10 years? Start now! Girls are often put off, or made to feel excluded, at an early age. Set up relationships with local schools and colleges. Hold girls-only open days. Offer apprenticeships or sponsored degrees for girls.

2. Demystify the job & focus on skills
It’s a myth that girls don’t have the talent or knowledge. This generation grow up using tech every day and will likely pick up new technology quickly. When writing job descriptions or holding recruitment drives focus on the core skills, like problem-solving, team work and agility.

3. Look out for talented young woman in other roles
Have you witnessed a young women in a different team who’s a whizz with different applications? Maybe they can fix anything? Perhaps they code in their spare time? Or even just show a keen interest in technology and are a top problem solver?  You might have talent right under your nose.

4. Set up a mentoring programme
In most industries it’s who you know. Set up a mentoring scheme within your company to help entry-level talent navigate the challenges of work, provide support and help them to build high-level networks.

5. Monitor your pay gap
It’s an obvious one but no one wants to be an environment, where they feel less valued than their peers.  Conduct annual pay reviews – be transparent and aim to improve year-on-year.

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